Self-Portraits, '14-'15

...using an iPhone. I’d never even considered buying one, but it was a good idea. Using it as a camera would clearly take me in a different direction from the Lumix that I’d used for the 2008-2009 set. 

     What a great asset that phone proved to be, especially using the Hueless app. I knew that I could modify color files, but it’s more compelling to look at a black-and-white image on the screen. My memory of never noticing color when I looked into the viewfinder of the Leica isn’t accurate, but to me a red coat only registered as a shade of gray.

     Using the Hueless app does affect the size of the digital files. That was no particular problem since all the other daily-self portraits have been relatively small images. These are printed on Epson Hot Press Bright, 8 and 1/2 by 11 paper. The text is crucial to this set of photographs.