Kemper and Me text

...around two seventy-year-olds interviewing each other in order to explore differing, often painful, memories of events – an unplanned pregnancy, a subsequent abortion before the passage of Roe V Wade, their marriage and almost immediate divorce – that started when they were in college over fifty years ago. While their conversation appears calm and measured, it's readily apparent how definitively and painfully their lives were shaped by these experiences in the very early 60's.


While Kemper and Me starts with shared, but divergent, memories of those particular events, it explores their awareness of how much that era shaped them individually and as a couple. Their lives were touched and formed by issues such as the limited professional expectations for women who had graduated from high school in the late 50's, the difficulty of birth control before the pill became readily available and the Sexual Revolution which had barely surfaced except at a radical school like Bard College.